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PABX/IP Telephone

As the world is becoming smaller day-by-day, communication is playing prominent role in our chosen fields than ever before. Business communication through phone system servers as a backbone of any business - it can lead to survival and growth of business; if planned, implemented and maintained properly or it can lead to business decline, revenue shrink if the telecommunication systems is not properly selected, implemented and maintained as per business needs

As technology is changing and so are the business demands, we see new technologies like IP Telephony, Unified Communications making themselves felt with great benefits being presented by them.

IP Telephony provides a way for customers to extend consistent communication services; irrespective of geographic locations; to all its employees. Whether an employee is at workplace, or in main campus or at remote branch office or working remotely or mobile, communication has become possible and easy with IP Telephony. Using the existing deployed IP infrastructure, IP telephony creates a unique workplace in which users can choose “how and when to connect and communicate “.

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